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Surviving Until Success Shows Up

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SUSSU, LLC is a business consulting and business/life coaching company.  We provide professional services that help with business development or growth and specialize in the functioning of a company as a whole. SUSSU (pronounced SU’) is an acronym that stands for “Surviving Until Success Shows Up!” Our goal is to ensure that your business makes it through the initial stages (which is a higher opportunity for business failure), and to push you into your success. With our coaching, start up plans, professional advice, and services, we help with increasing your company’s potential to succeed.
We offer Business Start up Packages that include all of the items you need to get that beginning boost you need for your business. We help to setup your business structure, any employer identity requirements, process your governmental paperwork, and explain all of your options for having the best business.
We assist with building your business credit, separating from personal liability, and helping to qualify for loans, grants, and other funding for your company.
Lastly, we provide Life Coaching for your personal needs, (service is not just for business owners). Our life coaching program promotes personal growth, self-identification and development, goal expectations, and much more. We focus on common issues that can affect/effect your daily life and your future. We specialize in work/life balance, root causes for stress/anxiety, relationship issues, and much more.
We also offer 3rd party Paralegal Services for small firms, businesses and attorneys.



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