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Keith L. Slade Jr. 

Keith L. Slade Jr. is the founder and CEO of SUSSU, LLC. His educational background includes studies in Business and Legal Studies from UNC-CH. Keith has also completed the UNC-CH Paralegal Certification Program. Mr. Slade completed his certification and became a Professional Life Coach in June 2018. He added to his life coaching journey and became a Certified Master Life Coach in October 2021. He completed his initial sermon and has been licensed as a Minister since 2010.  He has over 14 years in Business Customer Service Management, Project/Account Management, and Executive Response Administration.
His Career Resume includes Life Coaching for a Fortune 500 company, Account Management/Business and Marketing for a Large Data Company and assisting several clients and businesses with coaching for the last 4 years.
His goal is to help others survive and succeed by spreading knowledge and awareness to small business owners. He hopes to continue to help others gain financial literacy, small business growth, and push you to your next. This business also provides Third Party Paralegal and Notary services! Stay tuned for more.

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